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Join us for Youth Service every first Sunday of the month @ 11am


St Margaret’s Church Barking Youth Group has a very long history dating back to pre 1940’s. Over the years our vibrant Youth Groups have been the root of the Church and a dependable source of dedicated Christians skilled in ministry. A special focus has always been on the worship skills of the several young men and women. As far back as the late 90’s some of them now populate choirs and church media departments across the UK.

With a rich history St Margaret’s Church Barking has always had a powerful message to share. As early adopters of new technology the youth groups have always been eager to connect and share their faith in fellowship with their community.

  • 1970’s – St Margaret’s Church, Barking had a Youth acapella singing group who performed in Church and across Barking.
  • 1990s - 2009 - The 3.16 youth group led Church services once a month, growing a youth band and reaching out to other youth groups outside the borough.

The 3.16 youth group was renown for bringing a vibrant and dynamic Christian Worship experience enjoyed by all. While only few of it’s former members remain in the Church and they are eager to lend a hand as we begin a new and exciting chapter in the Youth fellowship in St Margaret’s Church.

St Margaret's Church youth represented in a parade.


The Youth group today is made up of three age grades:

  • 7 – 9
  • 10 – 18
  • 20’s – Young Adults (up till 26)

Young adults often work with the younger age groups in cross mentorship activities during our regular 1 hour meetings every Sunday after 11am Worship service.

Youth group during an Easter drama rehearsal in the church


We have over 6 youth coordinators and guides with the relevant experience and clearance to work with our youth group all of who are members of our church and local community.

Certified members of the Men’s fellowship and other parents often volunteer to support the coordinators when we need more hands especially during an event or a group outing further enhancing the parental bond for where it is lacking.



The youth group has had an exciting time engaging in various events.

Youth group filming a Christmas story in 2019



We are focused on preparing them to speak and enter the world with a bold and effective stand as young Christians. The youth program is geared towards regular drama rehearsals time, out reach training through media skills, training outside the Sunday services to allow them grain the confidence for expression and sharing their faith experience.

Reading scripts and preparing for filming

In addition to the faith component, we are focused on developing sustainable skills that will empower these youth and other young adults in the community.




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